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"Practices in Research" is an annual online open access double-blind peer-reviewed journal for practice-based research in architecture, complying with the DOAJ guidelines. The journal invites practising architects to explore the role of their practice in their research and vice-versa. For details on the journal, please scroll to the bottom of the page.

Practices in Research #03 - Explorations and Cartographies

This is the call for contributions regarding the conference on practice-based research in architecture planned for October 21st 2021 at CIVA in Brussels and for the third issue of the online open access double-blind peer-reviewed journal In Practice. Please download the call through the link below for details.

*** EXTENDED DEADLINE sunday 04/07/21 for abstract submission ***

Practices in Research #02 - Tour d'Horizon

The second issue of Practices in Research is a project of the interuniversity research group In Practice, supported by ULiège, KU Leuven and ULB. ‘In Practice’ invites practicing architects to explore the multiple ways in which architects can engage the professional practice in academic research and reciprocally. ‘Practices in Research #02 - Tour d’Horizon’ broadens the work intiated in the first issue, increasing the diversity approaches, subjects and profiles.


S611. Laurent Didier, Mathieu Le Ny, Louis Leger, BAST - ENSA Toulouse (

LIVING WITH EXTERNALITIES. The refurbishment of Charleroi’s Palais des Expositions in a post-growth context. Marie Pirard - AM architecten jan de vylder inge vinck - AgwA, UCLouvain (

FROM THE HAND TO THE MIND TO THE HAND. Construction as an act of design, Drawing as an act of analysis. João Quintela, Tim Simon, JQTS, ETSAM, TU Berlin, CEACT/UAL, HCU Hamburg (

#01#02#03. Aurélie Hachez, AHA, TU Delft (

ABOUT CONDITIONS. Dries Rodet, Truwant + Rodet +, ENSA Versailles (

CLOSING FRAGMENTS. About practice and knowledge. Pauline Lefebvre, Robin Schaeverbeke, Benoît Vandenbulcke, Harold Fallon, Dries Rodet (

Benoît Burquel (ULB); Benoît Vandenbulcke (ULiège); Harold Fallon (KU Leuven)

Scientific Committee
Georges Pirson (ULB); Julie Neuwels (ULiège); Pauline Lefebvre (ULB); Rolf Hughes (KU Leuven); Iwan Strauven (ULB); Robin Schaeverbeke (KU Leuven); Harold Fallon (AgwA & KU Leuven); Céline Bodart (ENSA Paris La Villette); Benoît Vandenbulcke (AgwA & ULiège); Cécile Chanvillard (A Practice & UCLouvain); Asli Çiçek (Asli Çiçek & U Hasselt); Caroline Voet (Voet Architectuur & KU Leuven); Lisa De Visscher (A+ Architecture in Belgium & ULiège)
Double-Blind Peer Review : each contribution reviewed by two referees except the keynote contribution "Closing Fragments".

154 pages
ISSN : 2736-3996

Practices in Research #01 - First Steps and False Alarms

Practices in Research #01 First Steps and False Alarms contains four invited contributions of practicing architects who engage their practice in academic research.The album ‘First Steps & False Alarms’ (Kilgour, 1995) assembles recordings from the artist’s home tape archive, proposing to discover his creative starting points, his explorations and experiments from a period of five years, shaping a musical personality. Similarly, ‘Practices in Research #01’ does not make a priori assumptions about distinctions between realisations from the practice and theoretical reflections. As such it is an experimentation: it poses questions and situations, it proposes answers and actions.

Johannes Berry : In the Beginning and the End
Steven Schenk : Original Ambiguous
Tomas Ooms : Spatial Oxymorons
Virginie Pigeon : Landscape Co-Cartography

editors : Benoît Vandenbulcke (ULiège), Benoît Burquel (ULB), Harold Fallon (KU Leuven)
scientific committee : Martino Tattara, Asli Ciçek, Maurizio Cohen, Benoît Burquel, Benoît Vandenbulcke, Harold Fallon
double-blind peer review : each contribution reviewed by two referees
102 pages
ISSN : 2736-3996

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