The "In Practice" conferences are articulated around a seminar for practising architects engaged in research and a lecture by architects unveiling one project through the lens of the process and the work documents. These lectures are followed by a conversation with a panel of critics, academics and peers. The conferences are completed with a series of online publications. These publications are double blind peer reviewed.

In Practice Conference and lecture - 27 October 2021

Wednesday 27-10-2021 at C I.II.III.IV. A, rue de l'Ermitage, 55

10:00 PRACTICES IN RESEARCH #03 practice-based research seminar
scientific committee : Ido Avissar (List, EAV&T Paris-Est), Lisa De Visscher (A+ architecture in Belgium, ULiège), Annelies De Smet (KU Leuven), Rolf Hughes (KU Leuven), Sebastian Kofink (Hochschule München), Simon Jüttner (Hochschule München)


free entry- covid safety rules apply - registration
organizing committee : B. Burquel, H. Fallon, B. Vandenbulcke
support : CIVA, Flanders State of The Art, ULB, KU Leuven, ULiège

In Practice Conference and Lecture - 22 October 2020

Thursday 22-10-2020 at KANAL (C I.II.III.IV. A), Brussels
13:30 PRACTICES IN RESEARCH #02 practice-based research seminar
the full program will be available soon
free entry - registration
organizing committee : O. Henz, T. Ooms, B. Burquel
scientific committee : Harold Fallon (AgwA – KU Leuven); Benoît Vandenbulcke (AgwA – U Liège); Céline Bodart (ENSA Paris La Villette)
Cécile Chanvillard (A Practice – UCLouvain); Asli Çiçek (Asli Çiçek – KU Leuven – U Hasselt); Lisa De Visscher (A+ Architecture in Belgium – U Liège); Rolf Hughes (KU Leuven) ; Pauline Lefebvre (ULB)
Julie Neuwels (U Liège); Georges Pirson (ULB); Robin Schaeverbeke (KU Leuven); Iwan Strauven (Bozar – ULB); Caroline Voet (Voet De Brabandere – KU Leuven)
support : CIVA, Flanders State of The Art, ULB, KU Leuven, ULiège

Practices in Research #02 - CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS

“Practices in Research” is a double blind peer-reviewed online publication and a research seminar for practicing architects.

The publication and the research seminar explore the ways in which these practices engage in research and addresses the mechanisms and the frameworks that confer consistence and coherence to an architecture practice.

Practices in Research also searches for creative forms of communication, questioning the traditional separation of text and image. The visual and the written narrations relate to each other in a variety of ways.