The "In Practice" conferences are articulated around a seminar for practising architects engaged in research and a lecture by architects unveiling one project through the lens of the process and the work documents. These lectures are followed by a conversation with a panel of critics, academics and peers. The conferences are articulated to a series of online publications with a print on demand option.

In Practice Conference & Lecture

Thursday 19-03-2020 at CIVA, Brussels
14:00 : Research by Practice Seminar
19:30 : Double lecture by Harold Fallon (AgwA architects) and David Van Severen (Office KGDVS)
contributions by Virginie Pigeon, Tomas Ooms, Olivier Henz, Steven Schenk, Johannes Berry
free entry - registration
organizing committee : prof. H. Fallon, prof. B. Vandenbulcke, B. Burquel
scientific committee : H. Fallon, B. Vandenbulcke, B. Burquel, M.Tattara, A. Ciçek, B. Deffet