In Practice edits books and references books edited by its members, which address the relationship of architecture practices with pedagogy and/or research, through their specific focus, design, methodology or content.

Raamwerk In Practice, Lichtervelde Youth House

In this book, Bart Decroos and Raamwerk (architects Gijs De Cock and Freek Dendooven) unfold the design process of Lichtervelde Youth Centre, through a set of unpublished work documents including sketches, scale models, plans, and pictures. Through four anecdotes, they explore how the reality of the constuction site allowed them to continue the design process during the realisation of the building itself. Beyond the singularity of this remarkable project, the book demonstrates the critical relevance of construction in architecture theory and discourses. Three additional contributions shed lateral light on the level of research, pedagogics and theory: the external outlook and the inner knowledge complement each other.
The book results from the collaboration between KU Leuven, ULB and U Liège within Architecture In Practice, a multiuniversity research group exploring the multiple ways in which indivudals can engage their professional architecture practice in academic research and reciprocally. The book has been double blind peer reviewed.

24 € - 24*17 cm - 182p + dust jacket, english
editors : Harold Fallon (KU Leuven), Benoît Vandenbulcke (ULiège), Benoît Burquel (ULB)
authors : Gijs De Cock, Freek Dendooven, Bart Decroos, Benoît Vandenbulcke, Benoît Burquel, Harold Fallon
photographer: Stijn Bollaert
layout : Orfée Grandhomme & Ismaël Bennani (Überknackig)
ISBN : 978-9-4639-3342-1

Philippe Vander Maren & Richard Venlet In Practice, House D

In this book, Philippe Vander Maren, Richard Venlet and Pierre Chabard explore and explicit the design process of House D through a set of unpublished work documents such as sketches, scale models, series of annotated plans, collages and pictures. They retrace the collaboration with the client, the exchanges between the architect and the artist, the moments of discovery of essential features of the design, the similarities and dissonances with architectural precedents. This book was produced following the In Practice conference in Liège, Galerie Opéra, on June 12th 2018. In Practice is an initiative of Harold Fallon (KU Leuven) and Benoît Vandenbulcke (ULiège). The book was double blind peer reviewed.

Texts : Pierre Chabard, Philippe Vander Maren, Harold Fallon, Benoît Vandenbulcke, Richard Venlet
Editors : Harold Fallon (KU Leuven) and Benoît Vandenbulcke (ULiège)
Publisher : ARA MER.
Design : Uberknackig - Orfée Grandhomme & Ismaël Bennani
Pictures : Jeroen Verrecht - All Documents : Philippe Vander Maren and Richard Venlet
ISBN : 978-9-4639-3040-6

LucAs Architecturebook #3 -the Eugeen Tanja selection

The publication 'LucAs Architecturebook #3 The Eugeen-Tanja Selection' is a selection by Eugeen Liebaut of students' work put in perspective with their teachers' work, with contributions by several authors. In Practice supports the book by organising the double blind peer reviewing of the text contributions and by participating in the editing committee.

with works by : Amber Vermaete, Arne Zenner, Bram De Gieter, Camila Fallon, Caroline Voet, Céline Wyffels, Christopher Paesbrugghe, Daan Vanbrabant, Ebbe Vandenberghe, Egon Pollers, Vincent Vanassche , Job Borgonjon, Flore Wauters, Jan Dupon, Jo Van Den Berghe, Jonathan Cludts, Jora Declerck, Justine Vandevyvere, Lars Fischer, Laura Muyldermans, Louise Beerts, Manou Van den Eynde, Marie Nevejan, Mariken Van Doninck
Marius Vaneeckhoutte, Marta Cardoso Moreira de Vasconcelos Ribeiro, Maxim Lannaux, Mira Sanders, Mumtaaz Viaene, Nele Stragier, Nicolas De Wispelaere, Renaud Mooyaert, Rosie van der Schans, Salvator Sanders, Sander Rutgers, Steven Schenk, Stijn Jalon, Tom Van Genechten, Wesley Degreef, Wim Goossens, Arnaud Hendrickx, Winnie Nollet

with texts by Jochen Schamelhout, Asli Çiçek, Robin Schaeverbeke, Raamwerk (Gijs De Cock, Freek Dendooven) (peer reviewed)

Scientific Committee : Wesley De Greef, Harold Fallon, Bart Hollanders, Dirk Jaspaert, Sophie Laenen, Eugeen Liebaut, Nele Stragier

with a keynote contribution by Dirk Jaspaert and Eugeen Liebaut

Editors : Sophie Laenen and Harold Fallon
Responsible Editor : Dag Boutsen (KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture)
ISBN: 9789492780072
available at CIVA (Brussels - sponsoring partner), copyright (Ghent), Mookshop (Toulouse), KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture (Burssels)

Gallery Magazine N°1 - Jan De Vylder & Inge Vinck

This is the first issue of Gallery Magazine with invited guests Jan De Vylder & Inge Vinck.

The magazine is conceived as an alternative medium of expression for the invited architect or practice ˗one per issue˗ to experiment with: it is not a representation of built work nor a textual description, yet an autonomous project. For this reason, selected guests are asked to develop specific, original content with the ​aim of clarifying their vision in a form that we hope would interest a wider audience and provide those already interested with unexpected insights.​

In Issue N°1 Jan De Vylder & Inge Vinck presents a series of Excel drawings.

VERVELING (boredom) VERVEELING (bored-om) VERVELLING (molt)

Editors : Johannes Ströhmenger Berry &​ Jonathan Robert Maj
Drawings & Texts :  Jan De Vylder & Inge Vinck
Publisher : APE (Art paper Editions)
Design : Chloé D’hauwe, Ine Meganck & Jurgen Maelfeyt (6′56″)​
ISBN : 978-9-4931-4649-5

LucAs -Architecturebook #2 - De Eugeen-Tanja Selection

The publication 'LucAs Architecturebook #2 The Eugeen-Tanja Selection' is a selection by Eugeen Liebaut of students' work put in perspective with their teachers' work, with contributions by several authors. In Practice supports the publication through the collaboration and contributions of Harold Fallon, Steven Schenk and Johannes Berry.

Authors of the works: students: Amber Van De Rostyne, Amelie Bimberg, Elke Meiresonne, Elya Delanote, Tim Schautteet, Linde Redant, Robbe Schelfhout, Suzan Vercaempst, Emma Herregods, Gabrio Rogiers, Gauthier Algoet, Issa Driesen, Job Borgonjon, Julie Hilderson, Liese-Lore Avermaete, Lore Delputte, Ludwig Vandenbergen, Sander Despriet, Dries Van Cauter, Maaike Snel, Matthis Adam, Robbe Cornelis, Jora Decleck, Stijn Maes, Max Stabel, Tatiana Darnovsky, Wietse De Cooman, Zitta Van Den Bosch. Teachers: Harold Fallon, Jo Van Den Berghe, Johannes Berry, Karen Kesteloot, Klaas Goris, Lars Ficher, Nele Stragier, Sophie Laenen, Steven Schenk, Thiery Lagrange, Wesley Degreef, Wim Goes, Wim Goossens, Arnaud Hendrickx, Dirk Jaspaert.
Authors of the texts : Jan De Vylder, Eugeen Liebaut, Harold Fallon, Vald Ionescu, Benjamin Eggermont.
Editing: Rajesh Heyninckx, the scientific commitee.
The scientific commitee: Wesley Degreef, Jan De Vylder, Harold Fallon, Bart Hollanders, Dirk Jaspaert, Sophie Laenen, Eugeen Liebaut.
The supporting committee: Johannes Berry, Annemie Demeulemeester, Bjorn Houttekier, Yves Malysse, Robin Schaeverbeke, Nele Stragier, Jo Van Den Berghe, Kobe Van Praet.
Coordination: Sophie Laenen.
Layout: We became Aware, Valentijn Goethals.

ISBN : 978-94-9278058


Chantier / Construction Site - AgwA

The book "Chantier" proposes a collection of pictures from constructions sites by the Brussels-based architecture office AgwA. It questions the role of the construction site in an architecture practice and positions it as implicitly essential in their work. This position is evoked by contribution by Tom Emerson (6a architects, ETH Zürich) and Jan De Vylder (architecten de vylder vinck taillieu, ETH Zürich), with whom AgwA collaborated in the past and at present.

"AgwA shows work in progress: execution as a verb. A collection of collected images. Without a necessary order or sequence. Enlarged and then zoomed in again. But moments that had to be visualised at that time. Perhaps merely to serve as witness. Perhaps ultimately as an unencumbered catalogue of which only this or that will really be understood later on. Or will even be used. AgwA makes work of work in progress: exe¬cution as a context. That all of those images are collected is not odd. Not odd in and of itself. As situated: the importance of the building site. But also not strange for AgwA itself. The work itself of AgwA. Increasingly the work situates the idea of what a building truly is. How it is made. Or rather, how it is actually made." — Jan De Vylder 

Texts : Jan De Vylder, Tom Emerson 
Editors : AgwA architects (Harold Fallon, Benoît Vandenbulcke, Benoît Burquel)
Publisher : MER. 
Design : Uberknackig - Orfée Grandhomme & Ismaël Bennani
Pictures : AgwA, Arvi Anderson, Filip Dujardin, Antoine Espinasseau, Séverin Malaud, Delphine Mathy
ISBN : 978-94-6393-002-4