In Practice is an interuniversity research group inviting practising architects to engage their practice(s) at the heart of their research. In Practice seeks to open a space for architecture practices in research through the organisation and development of conferences, lectures, publications, educational and research projects, etc. In Practice is a joint initiative of the Faculties of Architecture at KU Leuven, ULiège, ULB, U Antwerpen en UCLouvain.

Oversize Charleroi - workshop #1 at BPS22 and Palais des Expositions, Charleroi

Tuesday 06/10/2019 - Architecture Workshop in the framework of the Academic Design Office "Oversize" initiated by KU Leuven with ULiège and ULB. Lectures by Pauline Cabrit (Charleroi Bouwmeester) and Inge Vinck (architecten de vylder vinck taillieu) with an intervention by Pierre-Olivier Rollin (BPS22) followed by a interuniversity workshop and an exhibition of the invited studios. Thanks to BPS22 and Université du Travail for hosting the workshop. With the contribution of Benoît Vandenbulcke, Benoît Burquel, Carlo Menon, Aloys Beguin, Harold Fallon, Lisa De Visscher, Eve Deprez and Alain Simon.


In Practice conference - Philippe Vander Maeren & Richard Venlet, David De Wolf (bureau Greisch)

On Tuesday 12 June 2018 at 19:00, In Practice conference at Galerie Opéra, ULiège.

Philippe Vander Maeren and Richard Venlet will present house D, while Bureau Greisch (David De Wolf) will present their work on Henri Vandevelde's book tower in Ghent. The lectures will be followed by a conversation with Dag Boutsen, architect, Dean of the faculty of architecture of the KU Leuven, Fabienne Courtejoie, architect and professor at ULiège faculty of architecture, and Cécile Vandernoot, architect, writer, teacher at UCL LOCI.


In Practice conference - Jarrik Ouburg (OJO) and Michael Obrist (Feld72)

On Wednesday 5th of April 2019 - 19h30, In Practice conference with OJO (Jarrik Ouburg) and Feld72 (Michael Obrist), who will unveil some of their projects at La Lustrerie, Schaerbeek. This conference frames in the "Impact by Designing" conference supported by the Arena network and AgwA architects.

In Pratice is a joint initiative of KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture and ULiège Faculty of architecture.