In Practice is an interuniversity research group inviting practising architects to engage their practice(s) at the heart of their research. In Practice seeks to open a space for architecture practices in research through the organisation and development of conferences, lectures, publications, educational and research projects, etc. In Practice is a joint initiative of the Faculties of Architecture at KU Leuven, ULiège, ULB, U Antwerpen en UCLouvain.

In Practice Conference and Lecture - 22 October 2020

Thursday 22-10-2020 at KANAL (C I.II.III.IV. A), Brussels
13:30 PRACTICES IN RESEARCH #02 practice-based research seminar
the full program will be available soon
book launch of "Raamwerk In Practice - Lichtervelde Youth Centre"
free entry - registration

Practices in Research #02 - CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS

The conference and lecture originally planned in March 2020 has been rescheduled for the 22nd of October. Please go to the "conference" section for the call for contributions.

In Practice conference and lecture - 19 March - POSTPONED

Due to new precautions concerning the Corona virus, and instructions from our universities, the In Practice Seminar and/or Evening lecture planned at CIVA on March 19th, are cancelled and postoned to an undefined date.

Both events will take place on a later date.

In Practice conference and lecture

Thursday 19-03-2020 at CIVA, Brussels
14:00 : Research by Practice Seminar
19:30 : Double lecture by Harold Fallon (AgwA architects) and David Van Severen (Office KGDVS)
contributions by Virginie Pigeon, Tomas Ooms, Olivier Henz, Steven Schenk, Johannes Berry
invited panel members are Martino Tattara, Asli Ciçek, Bernard Deffet
free entry - registration
organizing committee : prof. H. Fallon, prof. B. Vandenbulcke, B. Burquel

Back from Japan - Schenk Hattori. Translations

Back from Japan - Sugiberry. Meaning - Exhibition

Johannes Berry (Sujiberry architects) participates to the exhibition "Back from Japan" at De Singel in Antwerp. As part of the theme ‘Back from Japan’, the VAi is showcasing the work of two young architectural firms who work out of Belgium and Japan. In the exhibition ‘Meaning’, SUGIBERRY searches for the architectural relationship between Japan and Flanders, by placing its own work alongside that of others. The bureau shows how an idea that adapts to a changing context – here the cultural exchange between Flanders and Japan – leads to new connections and layers of meaning. In SUGIBERRY’s design practice, everything is related to the human and the dialogue with the built environment. When a tree in a forest falls down and there is no one to hear it, does it then make a sound? According to SUGIBERRY, it does not.

LucAs - Architecturebook #2 The Eugeen-Tanja Selection - Booklaunch

In Practice supports the book launch of the LucAs - Architecturebook #2, Eugeen-Tanja Selection, at KU Leuven Faculty of Architectuur Campus Brussels Sint Lucas on Thursday 12th of December at 6.30 pm. The book consists in a selection by Eugeen Liebaut of students' and teachers' works with contributions by Harold Fallon, Vlad lonescu, Eugeen Liebaut, Jan De Vylder, Benjamin Eggermont, coordinated by Sophie Laenen. In Brussels, the book launch is punctuated by a double lecture by Studio Bont (Karen Kesteloot) and Eagles of Architecture (Bart Hollanders) who will talk about their drawing practices.


Oversize Charleroi - workshop #2, Charleroi

Friday 25/10/2019 - Architecture Workshop in the framework of the Academic Design Office "Oversize" initiated by KU Leuven with ULiège, ULB, UCL and TU Wien. Lectures by Julien Dailly (Réservoir A), Filip Dujardin, Benoît Burquel (AgwA, ULB), followed by a interuniversity workshop and closed by an exhibition of the invited studios. Thanks to Charleroi for inviting us at the city hall. With the contribution of Harold Fallon, Aloÿs Beguin, Benoît Vandenbulcke, Nadia Casabella, Benoit Burquel, Katarina Urbanek, Gordon Selbach,Thomas Amann.


Chantier / Construction Site (AgwA) - booklaunch

On Thursday 10th of October 19:00 at the ECAM construction site in Sint Gillis (Brussels), AgwA will launch the book "Chantier / Construction Site" with a discussion with Sara Noël Costa de Araujo, Jan De Vylder and Tom Emerson and Harold Fallon, preceded by an introduction by Benoît Vandenbulcke and Benoît Burquel. Wear adapted shoes!


In Practice conference - Raamwerk & Dyvik Kahlen

On Tuesday 6th of May 2019 at KU Leuven Brussels North Station, In Practice conference with Raamwerk and Dyvik Kahlen as guests for the evening lecture.

In the afternoon, research seminar for practising architects, including Steven Schenk (KU Leuven, Schenk Hattori), Olivier Henz (U Liège, Ecorce), Virginie Pigeon (U Liège, Pigeon-Ochej), Johannes Berry (KU Leuven, Sugiberry).

In the morning, Tomas Ooms (KU Leuven, Studio Tuin en Wereld) will proceed to his second presentation preceding the doctoral examination.

Just before the evening lecture, the book "Philippe Vander Maren & Richard Venlet : In Practice" will be launched.