In Practice organizes and supports conferences, lectures and exhibitions. Particularly, the "In Practice" conferences are articulated around a seminar for practising architects engaged in research and a lecture by architects unveiling one project through the lens of the process and the work documents. These lectures are followed by a conversation with a panel of critics, academics and peers.

In Practice conference - Jarrik Ouburg (OJO) and Michael Obrist (Feld72)

On Wednesday 5th of April 2019 - 19h30, In Practice conference with OJO (Jarrik Ouburg) and Feld72 (Michael Obrist), who will unveil some of their projects at La Lustrerie, Schaerbeek. This conference frames in the "Impact by Designing" conference supported by the Arena network and AgwA architects.

In Pratice is a joint initiative of KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture and ULiège Faculty of architecture.