In Practice organizes and supports conferences, lectures and exhibitions. Particularly, the "In Practice" conferences are articulated around seminars for practising architects engaged in research and lectures by architects unveiling one project through the lens of their process and work documents. These lectures are followed by a conversation with a panel of critics, academics and peers.

In Practice Conference and lecture - 7th of March 2023

PRACTICES IN RESEARCH #04 practice-based research seminar
09:30    sessions 1 & 2 - C I.II.III.IV. A (rue de l'Ermitage, 55 - Brussels)
14:00    session 3 - ULB La Cambre Horta (place Eugène Flagey 19 - Brussels)
16:30    AUDIENCES - round table and closing session

scientific committee : Cédric Libert (ENSASE), Emilie Morales (Morales Finch, ULB), Juliane Grebb (Büro Juliane Greb, UAntwerpen), Wouter Van Acker (ULB), Christine Fontaine (ZED Architects, UCLouvain), Johan Dewalsche (UAntwerpen), Martina Barcelloni Corte (ULiège), Martin Outers (Matador, UCLouvain), Virginie Pigeon (Pigeon Ochej Paysage, ULiège), Karen Kesteloot (Studiobont, KU Leuven), Nikolaus Hirsch (CI.II.III.IV.A)

18:30    Booklaunch of "DYVIK KAHLEN IN PRACTICE, Villa RuBa"
             Max Kahlen and Christopher Dyvik, discussion with Pieterjan Ginckels

             Lecture by AURELIE HACHEZ & JULIEN BOIDOT

free entry - registration
organizing committee : B. Burquel, H. Fallon, B. Vandenbulcke
supported by : ULB, KU Leuven, ULiège, UCLouvain, UAntwerpen, CIVA, Flanders State of The Art, FNRS

LucAs Architecturebook #5 -Booklaunch

The LucAs Architecturebook #5 booklaunch will take place on the 22nd of February 2023 at the Sint Lucas Faculty of Architecture, in Brussels. 

Book presentation by Sophie Laenen. Conversation with Dirk Jaspaert, Jolien Naeyaert, Bart Hollanders and Gosia Olchowska, moderated by Harold Fallon. 

TALKS: Real Life #3

'Changing Tempo', The third and final REAL LIFE talk has taken place on the 8th of December. The talk was part of a larger series about the building-specific and technical challenges of renovation. It was organized by BMA (the Brussels Master Architect), CIVA and KU Leuven (Harold Fallon & Sophie Laenen).

Guests: Chloe Ballyn (BC Architects), Andrei Miulescu (Pierre Blondel Architectes), Laura Baïwir (Le Logement Molenbeekois), Dorien Robben (SLRB), Alexa Guffens (Urban), Michael Govaert (BE), Jeroen Kessels (Renotec)

©Photograph by Séverin Malaud

Practices in Research #04 - Journal and Conference

"What do architects do for free, which is not asked for explicitly? What drives them beyond the expectations inherent to their mandate? What is the motivation of their work? Which implicit or explicit duties?? Dispositions and inclinations in their designing? Reflections and inspirations that feed their design practice? This space beyond the mandate, the freedom or the unexpectedness in responding to the expectations, is what moves any reflective or inquisitive practice.


PiR 04 – “Beyond the Mandate” is looking for contributions exploring this field of motivations which nourish the freedom of proposition. The contributions are expected to investigate this space while staying close to the practice, its documents and outcomes."

Short abstracts to be submitted before the 2nd of December 2022.

In Practice Contactgroup

After three years of activities and in the aftermath of the Practices in Research Conference held in October 2021, three successful conferences and three issues of the Practices in Research journal (published in 2020, 2021 and 2022), it was decided to make work of broadening the base and academic community of the research group.

In this perspective, an application for a “contact group” was submitted to the FNRS in Belgium (Fonds National pour la Recherche Scientifique, Fund for Scientific Research). A contact group, which may be disciplinary or interdisciplinary, and which allows a group of researchers to meet at regular intervals during seminars. The application was successful, meaning that future issues of the journal and the organization of future conferences will be the fruit of a collective reflection by professors, architects, teachers and researchers from ULiège, ULB, UCLouvain, KU Leuven and UAntwerpen.

Members of the contact group :

Benoit Vandenbulcke (President of the contact group, ULiège), Wouter Van Acker (secretary of the contact group, ULB), Éric Le Coguiec (ULiège), Martina Barcelloni Corte (ULiège), Harold Fallon (KU Leuven), Rolf Hughes (KU Leuven), Karen Kesteloot (KU Leuven), Benoit Burquel (ULB), Émilie Morales (ULB), Johan De Walsche (UAntwerpen), Juliane Greb (UAntwerpen), Wannes Peeters (UAntwerpen), Christine Fontaine (UCLouvain), Martin Outers (UCLouvain)

The objective is to further strengthen and precise the research group’s epistemological foundations of activities, and to further develop the role of the group as an exchange platform for practicing architects with different research and practice backgrounds.

TALKS: Real Life #2

The second REAL LIFE talk, part of a larger series about the building-specific and technical challenges of renovation, and organized by BMA (the Brussels Master Architect), CIVA and KU Leuven (Harold Fallon & Sophie Laenen), will be taking place on the 22nd of September. 
Moderator : Nathanaëllel Baës-Cantillon (Grue)
Invitees: Nicolas Willemet (VVV) – Thomas Rigby (Czvek Rigby) – Jeanne Mosseray (Cosmopolis)

TALKS: Real Life Brussels

On the 23rd of June, Harold Fallon will be hosting a debate with Archipelago, OFFICEU, Karbon and Ceraa asbl about the building-specific and technical challenges of renovation, as part of a series of talks organized by C.I.II.III.IV.A on the transformation of social housing built in the XXth century.

Oversize in A+ Magazine

A selection of projects in Charleroi by students from KU Leuven Sint Lucas, ULiège, UCL Loci, ULB and TU Wien is presented in the latest issue of A+ Architecture Magazine, in Belgium. This issue is entitled Oversize, referring to the educational experiments on the adaptative re-use of oversized architecture Charleroi led by Harold Fallon and Benoit Vandenbulcke in their respective universities

"Raamwerk In Practice" DAM Book Award 2021 prize Winner

We are proud to announce that the book “Raamwerk In Practice, Lichtervelde Youth Centre” is one of the ten prize winners of the DAM Book Award 2021 amongst 235 candidates. The book is edited by Harold Fallon (KU Leuven), Benoît Vandenbulcke (ULiège) and Benoît Burquel (ULB) as an initiative of the interuniversity research group .

The authors are Bart Decroos, Freek Dendooven and Gijs De Cock with contributions by Harold Fallon, Benoît Vandenbulcke and Benoît Burquel. The book is double-blind peer reviewed.

It is published by Mer (imprint of Borgerhoff & Lamberigts) :
It is also available digitally in open access:

The award ceremony is streamed online :

In Practice Conference and lecture - 27 October 2021

Wednesday 27-10-2021 at C I.II.III.IV. A, rue de l'Ermitage, 55

10:00 PRACTICES IN RESEARCH #03 practice-based research seminar
scientific committee : Ido Avissar (List, EAV&T Paris-Est), Jean-Marc Besse (EHESS), Lisa De Visscher (A+ architecture in Belgium, ULiège), Annelies De Smet (KU Leuven), Rolf Hughes (KU Leuven), Michaël Obrist (feld72, TU Wien)


free entry- covid safety rules apply - registration
organizing committee : B. Burquel, H. Fallon, B. Vandenbulcke
support : CIVA, Flanders State of The Art, ULB, KU Leuven, ULiège